Octopus, onsens and bunnies!

So yesterday I returned to my hotel, after descending from Mt. Misen so I was soaked with sweat. When I arrived I asked for my room key and suitcase, but apparently my suitcase was already in my room 🙂
I kindly thanked the guys at the reception, but they would let me go to my room just yet…

In The lobby there was a cup of iced tea and a wet towel, just for me!
So again I kindly thanked them, drank my tea and went to my room.

After a bit of recovering I went out to find myself some dinner. The hotel gave me a discount coupon for a nearby restaurant, and seeing I was still a bit exhausted I decided to eat something there.

When I arrived at the restaurant, the menu sadly stated that a creditcard could not be used when also using a coupon. The coupon gave a 5% discount (whoop-di-freakin-doo) so I discarded it.
Now the menu I ordered probably wasn’t the best decision I made this holiday: Fried oysters, raw octopus and some other raw fish (I had absolutely no idea what it was).
The oysters were okay, not my favorite thing in the world but decent. The hardest part were the two big chunks of octopus. They were really, really hard to chew, but luckily I had some Kirin to wash it away with. I can’t tell much about the other raw fish other than that it tasted a bit strange, but at least it was easier to chew.


After dinner (still tired) I went back to the hotel. Time to relax!
The hotel had a public onsen, and after carefully read the “manual” I had of the hotel (onsens come with a manual) I went for a nice relaxing bath.
Since it was still a bit early (I’m guessing 8pm) I had the complete onsen to myself! It felt absolutely amazing after such a climb!

After about half an hour I got out to get some beers, but and hour later I decided to go back to the onsen for some more relaxing.
This time I went full Japanese and went in the provided ‘yukata’!

The breakfast I had next morning was also great. After yesterday’s adventurous meal I decided to go for a western style breakfast. It was still pretty cool, they put some kind of fondue set on my table, and inside it was baconstrips and a raw egg on top, yummy!

After I checked out I was driven back to the ferry by the nice hotel chauffeur and it was time to get to ƍkunoshima, also know as bunny island. It was a bit difficult to get there seeing that it’s not near any bug cities, but after a few hours I arrived on the island.

Aside from hundreds of bunnies and a few museums about the poison gas factories, there wasn’t that much to do. It was also a bit lame that they didn’t sell food for the rabbits on the island, maybe I went in the wrong season?

I spend a few hours on the island, and went back to get to Osaka this time.
To be honest it was not really worth it, seeing the amount of hassle and time it takes to get to and from ƍkunoshima but an experience nevertheless. The train and ferries don’t connect that well(expect to wait an hour at the harbour) and when trying to get to Osaka it was a bit difficult with my luggage seeing I had 4 transfers and transfer times being between 2 and 4 minutes. It was a bit hard finding the correct platforms within those times, but luckily I (barely) made it!

Currently I’m underway to Osaka, where I’ll be staying until the 14th!

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