Booked, prepared and ready to go!

Just a quick update:

– Hotels are booked
– Plans are made (with enough tolerance for last minute changes)
– Japan rail pass voucher is here! It was a lot cheaper compared to last time (€120 less!)
– Still looking into the whole prepaid simcard thing, but I think I’ve found a great offer which let’s me use more than enough enough data 😉
– In addition to the prepaid thing I’m expecting to receive my brand spanking new Mifi router within a few days. Always online kicks ass!
– Travel plans are online now, check them out Here


Really excited about the trip, only a few weeks left!



This little gem never left my wallet since last time; it’s my very own e-Amusement pass.
The card keeps track of your progress of various (Konami) games in the arcade halls.

Recently I’ve found out that after 100 days of non usage the card resets itself, unless you register it on the all Japanese Konami website….
Luckily I Google-translated the hell out of that website during my last holiday in Japan, unaware of the fact that it would lift the expiry thing 😉

(This post is made on my tablet/phone, so the layout can be a bit messed up… Sorry about that!)


So, the blog is nearly finished now. just needs a bit more fancy work before it’s complete!
(I can also post updates from my phone and tablet now, so I can post almost everywhere ;-))

For the holiday itself a lot still has te be planned, but I think I covered the most important parts right now:
– Japan Railpass for 21 days is underway (well, the voucher to exchange it for the real ticket at least)
– Flight is booked, leaving on the 6th (arriving on Narita the 7th) and returning on the 27th. Hopefully I’ll get some good seats, but I’m afraid it won’t be a free business class upgrade like last time 😉
– Hotel for the last days in Tokyo is booked. It’s the same hotel I stayed in last time in Tokyo, with a 24/7 supermarket inside!

I’m still working on the rest of the schedule right now, but I’ll post more details soon!