Getting to Mt. Misen

Yesterday I arrived in Hiroshima, it was great to see some familiar things again! But first I had to get to my hotel…

Last time in Japan Syb and I walked almost everywhere (easier and cheaper ;-)) but that took a hell of a lot of time. Since this time I had Internet, public transport was a lot easier to take, since I had accurate timetables.
I decided to take the bus to my hotel, it took a few minutes to find the right bus and after I got confirmation from the bus driver that I was indeed in the correct bus I headed to my hotel.

The location of the hotel was absolutely fantastic: Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park was 2 minutes walking (although I didn’t plan on visiting it since I did that last time) and the main shopping mall was maybe 5 minutes away.

When I headed towards the mall to get some dinner I passed an Arcade, so obviously I stopped there and played me some good ol’ Pop’n Music!
Afterwards I had some great beef cutlet and rice and headed back to the hotel to get some rest (of course on the way back I passed that same Arcade, so you can guess what happened)
When I finally was back at the hotel I planned my trip to my next stop (Miyajima) and went to bed.

This morning after breakfast I decide to visit the Hiroshima memorial Park anyway, since I still had 2 hours left before I had to check out.
When I was walking through the park and sat down to have a drink, I noticed there was a ferry in front of me that would take me right to Miyajima! (I planned on taking the train, but this was so much easier)

So an hour later I was on the ferry to Miyajima, stood on the deck when we sailed out, a Japanese guy kept reminding me I had to duck every time we went under a bridge, and after a few minutes the captain went full speed (you wouldn’t believe how fast those things go!)

Arriving at Miyajima, the first thing you will notice are deers, lots of deers. I mean, seriously, deers everywhere. Apparently they don’t give a rats as about humans, I think they see us as walking food providers.


After shoving several deers to the side I dropped my bagage of at the hotel and went to climb Mt Misen! Now there was this ropeway, so you would think that would save you a climb: wrong. Once you get the ropeway to (almost) the top, you still have some climbing to to. Believe me when I say it’s harder than it looks when it’s 30°C.

So now I’m here, resting at the top of Mt. Misen, sweating my ass off. But hey, I’ve got pictures!



TL,DR; arrived in Hiroshima, Arcade, eat, arcade, speeding ferry, deers, more deers, mountain climbing

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