Ready for takeoff!

Currently waiting at Schiphol for my flight to Tokyo!

To save some time I decided to leave for my parents house yesterday so I could save some time today getting to the airport.
Thinking I had everything with me; “flight ticket, check! Passport, check!” I arrived at my parents house.
This morning, when I was still waking up, I thought to myself: “ah, when I arrive in Tokyo I should not forget to exchange my JR train voucher for the real ticket….. Crap!

Yesterday I completely forgot about packing the voucher! Luckily it was still early so we made a detour to get the voucher, waved our ferrets goodbye (again) and left for Schiphol.

At Schiphol my girlfriend, my mom and myself grabbed something to drink and eat, but then it was really time to check in and say goodbye 🙁

So now I’m here at Schiphol waiting for the boarding. Yesterday I also made some customisations to my suitcase so it should be easier to find when picking in up again in Tokyo (hopefully they’ll stick!)


(This post is made on my tablet/phone, so the layout can be a bit messed up… Sorry about that!)

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