What a great way to end the vacation….

The last part of the vacation didn’t exactly go as planned. The entire last week I was ill and although I did head out every day I mostly returned back to the hotel after a few hours because of headaches.

So the last week could have gone better, but I was still able to enjoy my time in Japan.

The last day before my departure I visited my niece in Shibuya again, where we had a great cycling trip to the park, visited Tokyo’s best 100 Yen shop and afterwards had dinner at a great Indian place.

The next day I had to get up really early to be on time for my flight, but luckely I managed that easily. Of course the flight was a bit crappy, still being sick and the rude French guy sitting in front of me didn’t help either.
But I managed to get to Schiphol safely, where my girlfriend was waiting for me 🙂

Unfortunately I was still ill for a few days after I got home, eventually I went back to work on Thursday seeing at that time I only still had to cough a lot 😉

There was a reasonable bright side to the last week on vacation: I got the days for the last week which I took off from work back because I was sick 🙂  (So now I can also take a few days off during Christmas, since I used up all my days 😛 )

So now there is only question left:
When will the next trip to Japan be?